Time is Money

Time is Money

IMDB: 2.3
92 min
Chen Mo came from a wealthy family, however due to his nasty gambling habit, he squanders his family`s fortune and is left with nothing except for a painting from a painter named Chu Zhong Tian, which his father left him. Unfortunately, the painting, which costs $100,000, is not enough to pay off his debt. Chen Mo then comes across a news regarding a painter who has just passed away, causing the price of his paintings to increase. With an evil plan in mind, Chen Mo goes all the way to Singapore in search of Chu Zhong Tian in order to kill him. This way, the painting that his father left him will increase in monetary value and Chen Mo will be able to clear his debt.
Released: 2015-01-15
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 92 min
Country: Malaysia

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